Friday, 6 July 2012

Ocean Sampling Day‐ Summer solstice 2012‐06‐20 - Villefrance

Maria Asplund (PhD Stud), Hans Ohlsson (Tech staff) & Maria Granberg (Assist Prof)

Sampling was performed at the ocean sampling site ”the yellow bouy” (Lat: 58°15’41’’N, Long: 11°27’11’’E) at 13:00 o´clock during the summer solstice 2012‐06‐20. Water was collected from a depth of 1 meter using a water sampler. Water samples were transported to the lab in 4 x 1.3 liter acid cleaned plastic bottles on ice in a thermos within 10 minutes and then filtered instantly. 
(1) 1120, (2)1195 ml , (3) 1180 and (4) 1090 ml water , respectively was run through each of four 0.22 μm Sterivex filters (Millipore). Filtering times were (1) 60 , (2) 65, (3) 68 and (4) 80 min, respectively. Filters were sealed and immediately frozen at ‐80 °C in individual zip‐lock bags. The filters was beige to light brown after the filtering process.

Additional site information
Windspeed: 5 m s‐1
Wind direction : 27
Air temperature: 18 °C
Water temperature 1 m depth: 15 ̊C
Secci depth: 6.5 m
Average Chlorophyll A (0‐2 m): 1.13 μg l‐1
POC: 6.7 ±0.9 (mean ±SE, n=3) mg l‐1

All the best from Maria Asplund and Maria Granberg

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